What is self-tapping screws?

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    What is self-tapping screws?

    Self-tapping screws for metal or soft metal, do not hit the low hole and tapping;Self-tapping screws are pointed, so as to "self-tapping"; ordinary screws are flat head, the same thickness.

    Self-tapping screws are saying: Drill holes for the tapping of the hole without crumbs, and the general use of different screws, head for sharp, teeth from the relatively large, with no crumbs a bit like wire tapping, you can not directly tapping screw in, metal and plastic usually use this method.

    Self-tapping screws, nuts, screws that do not.

    It can be consolidation of the material, by its own thread, will be consolidated body "attack - drilling, squeezing, pressure," the corresponding thread, so that work closely with each other.

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