Self tapping screws introduced ( and its detecting method )

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Self tapping screw although has been used for a long time, the general also know how to make, but about the norms are rules specifications and requirements, may not be very clear, here only to the specification by collecting, sorting out a suitable our reading, which can have a layer of a self-tapping screw self-tapping screws is known. In metal or non metallic materials pre-drilled to attack through the cooperation with female thread of threaded fasteners with high tension, one-piece, unilateral combined characteristics . Because of its own molding or attack the cooperative thread, which in combination with high anti loose ability, and can load and unload . In small screw on its scale, thread type, type, tapping drill performance in engineering use, it is unlimited.

On 1 (Evolution ): since 1914, self-tapping screws beginning commercialization. List first painted - first from wood screws - of carburizing steel tail cone type A thread forming screw. When the primary use is used in air conditioning system catheter tin joint, which is also called the iron screw. After 80 years development, is divided into four periods - thread forming, thread cutting, thread rolling and self drilling.

Thread forming tapping screws ( Thread Forming Tapping Screws ) system directly by the metal screw out, thread forming tapping screw used to be a pre-drilled hole, the screw is screwed into the hole of the female screw extrusion, strong cooperation, and originally in the female range of data will be pushed to the male thread, the calling thread forming self-tapping screws. Can only be applied to thin and moldable material, which also carry out; thread cutting tapping screws ( Thread Cutting Tapping Screws ) -- in the threaded end cutting out a or a plurality of the cutting port, enabling the rotation into pre-drilled holes, using the screw tail and tooth part in a similar screw tap the method of cutting a cooperative thread. It can be used in plate, compare strong or fragile is not easy to describe data,.

Thread forming tapping screws ( Thread Rolling Tapping Screws ), triangular teeth screws, also known as Type TT ( Type Tai currently still a patent ), according to the molding screw theory to carry out and become, thread forming tapping screws with unique paint thread and end so that the screw can be intermittent pressure to roll the female thread into cooperation. Together in the bore around the information can be easily added a self-tapping screw thread and tooth bottom space, because the friction of a thread forming tapping screws for small, and thus can be used in a thick material, rotating the required torque better control, and after the combination of higher strength. Thread rolling tapping screws of the engineering specification definition forming or cutting tapping screws in the materials, heat treatment, the strength of the definition of more and more clear, make the thread forming tapping screws into the " real " structure with fastener.

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